Latest pre-wedding Pictures Of actor Salisu Fulani with Aisha Humaira

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Bridegroom: See Hot Pictures Of Salisu S Fulani And Aisha Humaira (Pree-Weeding photos)

Latest update about Salisu S Fulani's wedding

The famous nigerian actor Salisu S Fulani will marry Aisha Humaira Today 01/10/2020

Here are some hot pictures of Aisha Humaira with Salisu s Fulani portraits but this is a wedding song titled "Marriage Honor" sung by Aliyu Nata From the first to second I have brought this to you song.

The photos have taken a lot of attention on social media. The look and feel of the photos, which have played a very important role in attracting people from different parts of the country and around the world.

Hero Salisu S. Fulani

Valiant Salisu S. Fulani is one of the heroes of the star is shining in the industry popular KANNYWOOD .

Biography of Aishatu Humaira

Beautiful Kannywood actress Aisha Ahmad Idris popularly called Aisha Humaira was born in Kaduna State Northwestern Nigeria. She is from Zaria Local Government Area of Kaduna State . She is an actress, entrepreneur and public influencer. She has over 1.3 million fans on her Instagram page.


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