EPL: Manchester United Remaining Games In The Month Of October That Could See Them Drop More Points

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Ole Gunner would be concerned given that his team has yet to win a game in the English Premier League this month. They have only one point from the two games they have played this month, which came against Everton, and the other was a defeat against Leicester City. Checkout the results of the games they have played this month;

It's unbelievable that, despite signing players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho, and Varane, United has yet to demonstrate that they are serious contenders for the Premier League title this season. However, things may have gotten worse for Ole, as United's remaining games this month could end in a stalemate. Check out their upcoming games below;

Manchester United VS Liverpool

If there is one team that no club wants to face right now, it is the undefeated Liverpool. Liverpool is currently in their best form. They have yet to lose a game in any competition this season, recoding wins 8 wins and 3 draws. Judging by United's performance thus far, there is a strong possibility that they will lose this game. Take a look at past result between the two teams;

As you can see, Manchester United has not beaten Liverpool in three seasons. The last time they defeated Liverpool in the league was on March 10, 2018.

Tottenham VS Manchester United

Tottenham stunned Premier League fans by defeating Manchester City in their first game. They may have been unpredictability in recent weeks, but they certainly know how to put on a show in big games. Also, because Tottenham is playing at home, there is a good chance that United will lose this game.

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