Why Do Caribbean Women Look Like This? What Is The Reason?


The Caribbean, known to be the homeland of grand partying and entertainment to many across the globe is made up of some combined 2.754 million km² of islands housing well over 44 million people located close to the Gulf of Mexico

One question that often strikes the minds of many is whether the people of these peaceful havens always dress the way they tend to appear.

With particular emphasis on their women, there has always been the stereotype that these beautiful women tend to show a lot of skin all the time.

That may not be the case at all as most of these islands have strict yearly carnivals as well as festivals that seek to promote the freedom of African slaves now indigenes of what they consider "a foreign home".

There are certainly more dynamics to these street carnivals but one keen thing to note is that the Caribbean people remain one of the most "decently" dressed people In the world, as most of their traditional and customary outfits appear to be relatively loosed and does a good job at covering most parts of their skin.

The photo above shows a traditional event in the Dominican Republic.

So before you judge them wrongly, take note that these rather "tempting" outfits are donned mostly only during special street carnivals and festivities.

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