"Get Her Attention" - 3 Best Way To Initiate A Conversation With Women


It is very fun to have an interesting conversation with a woman you love and want to attract. Women are naturally nice to guys who have that sort of vibe initiating a conversation. They tend to see them as one in a million. It is rather sad as most guys seems to be still struggling to have a free flow conversation with women. They become nervous and instantly lose their voice anytime a woman approaches them.

You must do away with such habit if you want to be an Alpha Male. The journey of becoming a guru in the games with women demands absolute peace of mind and heart to be able to materialize things. Making a woman chase you and flowing in conversation comes in handy. You should be able to master both to have a successful game. Here are some step you could use to initiate a conversation with women.

1. Have Open Up Questions On Your Fingertips 

Grooming to become an Alpha Male, you need to have some free flow question on your fingertips. Limit your thinking on your immediate surroundings. Always have a communication starter that would help you so you would not run out of words. Also, have one follow up to quickly back up the conversation.

2. Don't Talk On Sensitive Matters 

Having a good conversation with a woman is a great opportunity for guys who looking forward to attract. Be free to talk about interesting stuffs like entertainment and sport. Don't ever talk on sensitive matters like politics since that could ruin her attraction for you. Be free to play along and make some interesting comments that would reveal her brilliancy.

3. Compliment Her Intelligence 

Women naturally love it when they are been complimented aside their looks. Be quick to spot her Intelligence and compliment it. Don't dwell on her weakness since that would be a total turn off for you. Don't fake it. Let it flow naturally and you would see how possessing that handsome trait really works.

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