Akufo-Addo's "Go to court if you dislike my excavator-burning" underground agenda REVEALED


We have come a long way as a country, and we must indeed, always applaud and commend our forefathers for inculcating the best values ever into us.

They were conscious of everything they did - eschewed evil practices, and embraced steps that would bring progress, prosperity and development in the lives of all.

Strongly were they united in responsibility, love, solidarity, peace and vision; and they ensured that no one broke into their land to cause division among them.

They were good managers - they made effective and efficient utilization of the country's rich resources for the betterment of the entire citizenry.

Our forefathers were supervisors and checkers of one another; they protected and kept the environment so clean to avoid the spread of any disease.

No evil attempt was made by them to sell the nation's priceless natural resources to external parties or foreigners for a peanut. It never came to their mind because they were good leaders, and made no intention to betray their younger generation.

A paradigm shift occurred. Everyone was expecting an improvement of what they did, but sadly, it toed a negative path.

That explains the kind of economic hardship, poverty, powerlessness and deprivation we are experiencing now.

The country is indeed on a "Backward Conveyor belt": From sale of our rich resources and environment to foreigners to culture of silence to "Go to court if you dislike my excavator-burning decision".

How interesting and sad it is for the government to wait, sit down and allow foreigners to degrade our environment, and after receiving their share of the cake, they now come up with a "so called excavator-burning initiative" to eradicate the menace.

Isn't it so hypocritical and selfish for our leaders to take such steps?

Meanwhile, people have also already lost trust and respect for the judiciary. Not only that, some are even scared to speak on legal matters in the country, after Dr. Ayine's was brought before the General Legal Council for critiquing the Supreme Court on the outcome of the 2020 Election Petition.

If people are being intimidated for sharing their opinions or views on legal issues, then it is is evidently clear that the government and its judicial system are promoting culture of silence in the country.

Though it may seem that he is promoting legal rights of citizens in the country when he said, "Go to court if you dislike my excavator-burning decision," he is indirectly telling Galamsey operators whose machines have been destroyed that, the outcome of their case is predictable even if they send it court.

This does not only relate to illegal mining brouhaha in the country, but any other issues that pertain to the interest of the Government.

Look at how Coronavirus protocols were broken during Sir John's funeral, yet the same President made continuous noise on TV, warning people to ensure social distancing at social gatherings. Limits have been placed on the number of people to attend social events like weddings, funerals, etc., yet he broke that same law he enforced in the country.

In his mind, "Go to court if you dislike my act of breaking COVID-19 protocols."

Meanwhile, ordinary citizens were beaten, fined and jailed for violating those protocols.

Culture of silence is at its peak in Ghana.

If you hear the president say: "Go to court if you dislike it," just know that he is advancing and promoting culture of silence and disrespect for Ghanaians.

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