The Untold Story: Tribe that exhumes bodies of dead relatives over 3 years


Every tribe in within the land of the living has their way of living thus this article talks about the life and culture of the people of Indonesia who are basically found in the Southern Sulawesi region of Indonesia.

This ceremony might look weird and difficult to comprehend but that’s their culture and must be respected and practiced accordingly.

According to the people of Southern Sulawesi, there is no bad motive behind their ceremony thus people who doesn’t reside in their town shouldn’t see it as a thing because they do it to show love for the departed souls.

In the Southern Sulawesi region of Indonesia there is a tribe that exhumes bodies of dead relatives over 3 years, cleans them up, dresses them up, adorns them in jewellery and gives them cigarettes to puff!

The Torojan tribe of Indonesia call this ceremony the " Manini" which translates to "the ceremony of cleaning corpses".

The practice has been going on for centuries and huge feasts,drinking and dancing are part of the ceremony after which the bodies are reburied to be revisited again 3 years later!