'Respect, Honor and Cherish Him' 51-Year-Old Esther Musila Confesses Her Love To Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel with lover Esther Musila. [Images | Courtesy]

Kenyan Gospel musician Mr Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka who is commonly known as Guardian Angel is a very lucky man from the love he is getting from his lover.

51-Year-Old Esther Musila together with Guardian Angel have been serving 'couple goals' for a while now after going public with their relationship.

They have always stood by the saying 'Love Wins' after being trolled constantly on social media.

Some did not seem to approve of their partnership due to their age differences but they did not care and even loved each other more.

A few hours ago, Esther took to her official social media account and poured her heart out on how much she loves and respects her man.

''Appreciate a good man. If you have a good man, respect him, honor him and cherish him. You'll know he's a good man because he's already doing those things for you.

''I salute you Mr. Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka aka My G💞.'' Esther Musila posted on her official Instagram account.

This has since attracted attention from her social media fans with many in support of her love for Guardian Angel.

As usual, there were some who had some negative comments about the duo and their partnership.

Fans in the comment section had the following to say about Esther Musila's post.

Scarlett Rembo, ''Yaaaaaani, for 50 good years, this is the first time that this woman has come across a man????? Kwaani what have you guys been doing out there??😢.''

Mercy Legrande, ''Lol. That is Guardian's full name?😮.''

Daphine Malaika, ''I don't know why I love you two❤️.''

Becky Ochao, ''Thank you girl too for not disappointing our fans as you're arole motivator to many ladies out here. more ❤️❤️❤️.''

Bobo Chubby, ''Esther is growing younger each day, I admire you mami🔥.G'man you favoured.''

Ruth Ireri, ''You two are just the best definition of unconditional love, people will always hate but at the end, Love Wins. 😍😍. True to it, respect and cherish your man.''

Vivy, ''How about your own kids together 😢😢 Ama hamtaki watoto tena???

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