Moses Wetangula's Firm Stance That Has Saved DP Ruto From Enemies Trap


As the countdown to next year's General Elections begins to gain momentum, king makers and presidential hopefuls have started readying themselves for the occasion.

Of those expected to define the course of 2022 succession course is the outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta. Jomo's son has publicly affirmed that his hand will take part in the forthcoming elections.

Before things fell apart between him and his deputy, the former was expected to endorse Samoei as his successor but that is no longer the case. Uhuru is actually erecting stumbling blocks on Ruto's statehouse path.

Since he cannot humble William singlehandedly, Kenyatta II has sort the help of ODM chief and other seasoned operatives. Whereas Jakom has embraced Uhuru's invitation, Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula has solidly refused to dance to his tune.

Weeks ago, Uhuru called NASA principals to reunite and should they have done so, he assured them of his support. This team would have given the man from Sugoi a political scare but Wetangula's defiance has verily saved Baba Nick from premature political death.

Wetangula is among those suspected to be courting William behind the curtains. This revelation was made by Mombasa governor Hassan Joho weeks ago and since dalili ya mvua ni mawingu, time will unravel the unknown.


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