Some Of The Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Sir Alex Ferguson

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1.Sir Alex Ferguson Was Banned 17 Times From The Touchline

The former Manchester united coach, Sir Alex Ferguson was a very furious figure who demanded the best from not only his players but also the match officials. During his time at Manchester united, Ferguson faced severe fines and bans. He had a received a total of 17 bans from the touchline during his time at united, this was attributed by his temper.

2.Ferguson Won 49 Trophies As A Manager.

Ferguson won a total of 49 trophies during his time as a manager, 38 of the trophies came with Manchester united. 

3.Ferguson Only Missed 3 Matches as man utd boss

He first missed a match when his son was having a wedding, another for the funeral of his brother's wife and last one when he went to scout David De Gea in Spain. 

4.His first victory with united came against QPR. 

His first game was against QPR on 22nd November 1986. After being winless in his first two matches. He registered a victory of 1-0 against QPR. 

5. He Wrote A Book.

In 1985 Sir Alex Ferguson wrote a book named A Light in the North, which he wrote and published himself.

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