Nigeria's Hip Hop Sensation Arthur Izuchimz, On The Verge Of Dropping A Major Hit


Their is a saying that goes "The taste of a chocolate pudding is in the eating" one can also say that the taste of good music is in the listing.

Arthur Izuchimz is a budden hip hop art in Nigeria, he is already dominating the South East of the country and has got an online reach far beyond the Niger, infact with the way he is going it is expected that he will dominate the nation hip hop space in Just a short period of time.

On the 20th of March 2021 it is highly anticipated that he will be dropping a single, the single is titled "Lost" indeed lost is a single that focuses on the realities of life and the way and manner People face real life situations on a regular basis. 

Arthur Izuchimz, a self styled hip hop sensation is also expected to drop a mixtape album soon, an album that will be title "REBELS".

Arthur Izuchimz, an artist famed for his style of rap music which often see him rap in plain English language, which often amazes his fans considering the fact that not many good rappers in Nigeria flow with plain English language in their hip hop tracks, That Simply explains why he is called "The Eastern English Rapper".

Lost is a track that is worthy to be listened to and is something every true hip hop head will love to have on their playlist.

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