Lulu Menziwa is super intelligent and a true inspiration. OPINION

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Lulu Menziwa is a multi talented highly educated professional primary school teacher , fashion model and businesswoman. She is very passionate about helping mold and nature the future generations , that is why she specifically chose a teaching profession. However she was often critized by the old generation who believed that a school teacher can't be a fashion model. They believe that a school teacher has to dress and behave a certain way , so they often disagreed which her ways. I believe some of the critics were pure act of jeolous because they envied her success. People need to understand that she is only a teacher at school but she also has a life outside of that.

The most important thing i learnt from Lulu Menziwa is that you have to chase your dreams and focus on your goals never mind what other people say or think about you , their opinion doesn't define who you are. So focus your energy only on the positives and forget about negativity because it can only take away your peace and happiness. The brain can only hold one thought at a time so you can easily replace the negative concept with the positive affirmation.

It's fair to say she is living her dream considering the success she has gained over the years , regardless of the challenges and the backlash she has strived. She is considered by many to be one of the most stylish fashionist in South Africa. She is probably one of the most followed and most successful influencers in the country . She represents various local and international fashion and beauty cosmetics brands as ambassador.

So the mantra is turn those critics into fire and fuel towards your goals always remember that dreams are possible , so don't just dream but dream big and don't stop at nothing until you reach your desired destination. There is no limitations as to how far you can go, the only limitations are the ones you set upon yourself. Learn from Lulu Menziwa , had she paid attention to those critics she wouldn't be this successful. In our everyday life we should aspire to inspire and uplift others , Lulu Menziwa is a community hero who works hard every to shape the the next generation. I think teachers don't get the credit they deserve but they do so much for the community. Well this is your platform you can leave a comment below and share your views.

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