What you need to know about Cancer.


The word cancer is feared by many people globally. Over the recent years, cancer has claimed alot of lives and left families in pain. It has robbed many families theirs source of joy and happiness.

Cancer is found in almost all parts of the world and affects all races. It doesn't discriminate and it can affect everybody. It's very dangerous and also affects animals.

Cancer treatment has become better, slightly affordable and more accessible. These are some of the good news. There are many researches going on trying to find the cure for different cancers.

The current solution to cancer is observing a proper diet and and regular check ups. Some of the foods to consume include:

1. Green leafy vegetables.

2. Fruits.

3. Omega 3 fatty acid sources.

4. Regular water consumption.

5. Whole grain foods

These are just a few foods that one need s to consume regularly. You also need to involve yourself in regular exercises. The other important message is avoiding too much alcohol consumption, smoking of tobacco, eating high fatty foods, high salt intake and also processed meats and foods.

Once these things are followed, it's possible to reduce your risk of getting cancer and live to fight another day with good health and prayer.

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