Beautiful Photos of Melody Sinzore's Mother and Little Sister

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During the holidays many people travelled to different places to spend some time with there family members. It was time for reunions. Some went to different local tourist attractions center. This was simply to reenergize up and thank God for keeping us safe throughout the year. Even if one didn't travel he or she at least communicated to her loved ones through phone.

Melody Sinzore the Media Queen travelled to her rural area where she spend her holiday with her mother and other family members. She at least shared a beautiful photo of her together with her mother and little sister. Melody has a strong relationship with her sister as she shared another photo of her baby sister and captaioned it with 'I love you deep'. She serves as an example to other girls that let's always try to create time for our loved ones especially our mothers and siblings.

Have a look at there great photos together. Aren't they beautiful. As fans we wish Melody and her family a very happy new year.

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