Dynamic twins reveal the real reason why they want to get married to the same man

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It comes as no surprise that some identical twins are inseparable, but entrepreneurs and nightclub hosts Olwethu and Owami Siko take things to a whole new level in their reality show Twice As Bold, which started airing this April.

Apart from sharing appearances, the duo do everything in unison, from living under one roof, to dressing alike and – yes – even dating the same man.

“We’ve always been close, and we enjoy doing everything together. Other people might find our lifestyle unconventional, but it works for us,” explains Owami.

The 31-year-old twins who’re from Vosloorus on the east of Johannesburg came into the spotlight in 2011 after they married the same man, who they each share a daughter with.

After nine years of what Owami and Olwethu describe as a loveless and unhappy union, they both filed for divorce in 2018.

Since then, they’ve been rebuilding their careers, juggling motherhood and strengthening their bond.

“Twice As Bold is as real as it gets. We show our strained relationship with our biological mother Vuyiswa, our spiritual calling and our challenges as well as triumphs as single mothers. We’re also entertaining, emotional and most of all, it’s relatable – even more reasons to watch,” adds Owami.

The twins chat to us about their love lives, sisterhood and making amends with their mother.

Olwethu and Owami look and sound the same, but their personalities are worlds apart.

“I’m reserved while my sister is an extrovert,” explains Owami, whose twin agrees with her remarks. “I am certainly the loud twin. When I walk into the room, I make a grand entrance, whereas Owami is laidback, but we complement each other and we’re balanced,” adds Olwethu.

The Siko twins believe that they are conjoined. “We have two bodies and one soul. By that, I mean that we think of each other as one person,” explains Olwethu.

“We have the same dreams, and our daughters are two months apart, so we were pregnant at the same time. Olwethu and I are bound together and the only thing that will separate us is death.”

In Twice As Bold, Olwethu and Owami are on a quest to find their soulmate.

Source: TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, 19 May 2022


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