DateMyFamily: Viewers Disappointed After Seeing This

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Date My Family plays every Saturday on Mzansi Magic. It is probably the most watched show over the years, and has kept viewers entertained. It has not only kept the viewer glued to their screens, but has also helped some people to find love.

Viewers are able to share their views on Sunday evenings during, and after each episode. They do not only say positive things, but also negative things that they are able to notice during the show.

On today's episode, a lady by the name Mantsha was the one who was looking for a man. She visited three families, and on the third family, she was highly disrespected by men who called themselves comedians. There was one man in specific who was plain rude to her, and viewers were not impressed. He even asked her if she was disabled, and justified by saying it's because she is wearing glasses. She walked out on the family, because they continued to mistreat her, and even told her that their brother doesn't want anyone with a child, whereas she has a child. 

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