We’re Dying With GHC 75: See The Amount Some Ghanaians Take-Home As Monthly Salaries


The amount of money some persons take home as their monthly salaries have for many years been a challenge. Whilst some people received huge sums of monies at the end of every month, others receive ‘peanuts’.

Most of the working groups who complain about their salaries are alleged to be vulnerable. Some persons have opted to run their own businesses to avoid ‘peanuts being paid by some employers. In Ghana, the National Tripartite Committee (NTC) has announced a new minimum wage to be paid by every employer in the country. It was increased from GHC 11.82 to GHC 12.53 recently. With this, an average Ghanaian worker is expected to receive not less than GHC 375. But it seems some Ghanaian workers are receiving below the amount.  

A cross-section of Ghanaians has taken to social media to share the salaries they take home at the end of the month. Whilst some receive above the daily minimum wage, others are paid far less. Some are crying over the monthly salaries and have complained that they are surviving by the grace of God.

Raphael Tumy, indicated that he knows someone who works eight hours every day and receives GHC 300 as salary at the end of the month.

“I know someone who works for eight hours a day and receives GHC 300 at the end of the month. We will not get anywhere soon”. He indicated.

Others revealed that they receive as low as GHC 75 a month. A private school teacher, Patricia Hammond indicated that she is with a school and receives GHC 250 as a monthly salary.

“I’m a private school teacher and receive GHC 250. An amount of GHC 20 is deducted for SSNIT and I take home GHC 250 at the end of every month. But God will see us through”. Patricia Hammond sadly indicated.

Some indicate that they receive GHC 200 at the end of the month. Some of us used to work seven days a week including some holidays and were paid GHC 350 a month. Florence Adoma Abrefa indicated.

The revelations indicate that most Ghanaians are surviving through the divine grace of God. If possible, authorities must increase the minimum wage.

BeaNana newshub-gh@operanewshub.com