'Hatutaki Kuona Kama Kuna Fujo' Raila Odinga Says While In A Meeting With Kilifi Leaders(Video)

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On Wednesday,Raila Odinga held a meeting with Kilifi leaders in Orange House.He asked the leaders to enhance peace during nominations and incase on looses in the nominations,he or she should not cause violence.He said,"hatutaki kuona kama kuna fujo miongoni mwa wanachama wetu." Translation is that,Raila Odinga doesn't want the ODM members to be involved in political violence.

The former prime minister told the leaders that their are several aspirants who are vieing under the ODM ticket however,it's only one aspirant that will win in the nomination.He told the members that incase one doesn't win in the nominations,he will give them a job when he wins in the general elections as a result,the leaders should not cause war.

Raila Odinga asked the ODM members to be peaceful.He requested those members who will not win in the nominations to help in campaigning for those who will win because they are all ODM members.


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