MNU VS LIV: 3 Players Ole Gunnar Should Bench And 3 Stars Who Should Replace Them

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Despite a poor October record, Manchester United sent a strong message on Matchday 3 with a deserving victory over Atalanta, and the Red Devil's will be looking to reclaim a spot in the top four of the English Premier League table when they face Liverpool on Sunday. However, in light of Manchester United's performance against Atalanta on Wednesday, here are three players that Ole Gunnar should bench for the game on Sunday;

Scott McTominay

Following Pogba's poor performance against Leicester, Scott was reinstated in the starting XI against Atalanta, but the Scotsman failed to perform. He appeared to be completely overrun in the middle and was unable to prevent Pasalic from scoring Atalanta's first goal.

Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood has struggled to maintain his scoring form recently. He started well against Atalanta but faded as the game progressed. He had no shots on goal and had no noticeable impact in Manchester United's win over Atalanta.

Victor Lindelof

Wednesday's game provided more evidence that Lindelof can be an untrustworthy defender. Throughout the game, he defended poorly.

Here are three players who should replace the above listed players; 

Paul Pogba

Without a doubt, the France midfielder should be reintroduced into the starting lineup in place of McTominay. He may have struggled against Leicester, but his performance against Atalanta on Wednesday demonstrated that he is back on track. His introduction in the second half energized the attack and put pressure on Atalanta. He played a key role in United's late comeback against Atalanta, and I see no reason why he shouldn't start against Liverpool on Sunday.

Edinson Cavani

Ole Gunnar has always brought Cavani off the bench, and every time he is called upon, he always delivers. I think he should take over for Mason Greenwood. It would be great to see him in the attacking third alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

Eric Bailly

With Varane out for a few weeks, I'd suggest that Ole Gunnar Start Eric Bailly over Lindelof for the game on Sunday. He was outstanding during the break, and I believe he would do a better job in defense than Victor Lindelof.

What can you say about my changes?

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