Clubs Which Has Won Many Champions League Titles In History.

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Champions league trophy is the biggest trophy that a player can win for his club. Every football player who plays for European club is always determined to win champions league and if he will not be able to win he can make his club play in such a competitive league.

Today I would like us to check on the clubs which has won the champions league title so many times in history after Real Madrid thrashed Liverpool I this season champions league Finals which were played yesterday in Paris, France.

1. Real Madrid- 14 times

2. Ac Milan- 7 times

3. Bayern munich- 6 times

4. Liverpool Football club- 6 times

5. Barcelona Football club- 5 times

6. Ajax Football club- 4 times

7. Inter Milan- 3 times

8. Manchester United- 3 times

9. Chelsea Football club- 2 times

10. Porto Football club- 2 times

From the above data you will realize that Real Madrid are the custodians of the champions league trophy after winning up to fourteen time including yesterday after winning against Liverpool.

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