Heartbroken Jemutai Narrates How Prof Hamo Impregnated Her and Left Her with two Children(Video)


Relationships lead to marriages which may fail to remain peaceful if care is not taken into account. The relationship is difficult to maintain in the current world.

Professor Hamo and Jemutai Comedian have been involved in heated online shaming and all for the wrong reasons. The two used to work in the same room as the comedians on the Churchill show.

Comedians professor Hamo and jemutai had been having an affair. As a result, she is now pregnant with no where to go after he abandoned her. Some of them blaming her for putting herself in the situation she knew won't work out.

Professor Hamo says that all his children irrespective of where they are deserve humane treatment. He strongly opposes what jemutai posted by countering with the idea that the whole thing should be equally.

Is it practical for both parties to enter into a mutual agreement which will see both sides embrace understanding, love and restore their past joy?

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