"I Weep For Nigeria"- Aisha Yesufu Laments About The Next Generation Of Leaders.

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Politcal and human rights activist is one of the very vocal and fearless activists, who is never afraid of speaking out against the ills of the society. She strongly believes in accountability, according to her, anybody that takes an oath of office is automatically accountable to her. Aisha Yesufu has taken to her social media page to lament about the type of young people that will represent the present leaders. 

"Nigeria is producing those that will replace the present crop of leaders and citizens we have, the corruption of one does not matter as long as the person is part of their clique. The mentality is that you can commit any crime but we will support you as our own, i cry for Nigeria".

On Thursday 22 July, she shared some nuggets on why a serious Gubernatorial or Presidential candidate preparing for the 2023 elections, should have to go to all the local government areas in their States and put themselves out there. She also said that there is a need for them to realise that, elections have now one beyond the pages of newspapers.

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