Kenyan Millionaire Discloses How Bible Study Made Him Rich.

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According to Tuko news, a businessman Steve Waweru revealed how bible studies made him rich. Steve said that he joined Bible studies together with his male friends while in campus. They joined Bible study because there was beautiful ladies and they wanted to get them as their girlfriends. Steve got a girlfriend who later on becomes his wife.

"You know we joined Bible studies while in campus with one aim, to get ourselves girlfriends. I was luck, I landed one who later came to be my wife. Then, I used to run a movies business but did not have enough capital to expand and implement some new ideas," Steve said.

Steve added that his wife gave him thirty thousands Kenyan shillings to start his company and the business grew rapidly.

"I met with my wife while in campus. She was in the bible studies group that I joined. I had to get saved because of love. When we were together back then, she helped me start my company. She is the one who gave me money to start. She invested Ksh 30,000 in my business and thank God it grew rapidly," he added.

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