Chief of Fulani in the Ashanti Region advises the politicians.

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Alhaji Osuman Ahmed, Sarkin Fulani in Ashanti Region tells the politicians the people of Zongo are tired of sugar, milk, tea,rice, cooking oil etc.

Alhaji Osman commenting on that, appealed to the Vice President to include the establishment of an ICT centre at the premises of the Central Mosque to help youth within the community acquire knowledge.

This, he indicated will minimize issues where youth within the communities usually troop internet cafes and engage in acts that are detrimental to their future.

He said what the people of zongo now want is good schools,hospitals and learning materials for the future of zongo.

The Chief, who is a strong advocate for the development of the Zongo community maintained that the only way the youth in those communities can develop is through education.

With education, he noted that the long-held perception that people from Zongo communities are trouble makers and truants will wane.

He also advised politicians to desist from engaging the youth in the Zongo communities to create violence and chaos before, during, and after elections.

What a great man to be able to split the truth.

Zongo will soon be great again !

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