Twitter Users React As Yemi Alade Exchanges Insults With Man Over Hushpuppi's Issue (Photos)


Social media is one sure place to get entertained with different kinds of drama but it becomes outrageous when these acts are related to sensitive issues which are worth paying abrupt attention to before weighing in opinions.

Days ago, famous media person Hushpuppi was arrested alongside some other notable men for allegedly scamming people of their money among other crimes.

The airwave has recorded lots of reactions from different social media users including celebrities. On one of these reactions, famous Nigerian singer and songwriter Yemi Alade has been caught exchanging insults with a man named Mide over same issue.

It all started when Yemi Alade posted a tweet about hypocrisy and how karma awaits those reacting to Hushpuppi's arrest proceedings. It was not long before Mide reacted, calling Yemi Alade names while addressing her tweet.

In a bid to retaliate, Yemi Alade also insulted him and told him to divert his energy to Nigerian government officials who have committed more crimes to the lives of citizens instead of facing her.

This does not go down well with Nigerian, a lot of people are angry and are reacting with these anger on their minds, which influences their choice of words in responses.

However, here are some reactions from Nigerians on Twitter to this:

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