What Bishop Wanjiru Said About William Ruto That Left His Critiques Talking (video)


Even as the Kenyan political elite gang up to fight Deputy president William Ruto, very few individuals can stand in public to say any good about him. The second in Command is seen as the likely candidate to win the next General elections and that is why top politicians are fighting him politically with the exception of a few.

In a church service today, popular preacher and politician, Bishop Wanjiru affirmed that our country is really blessed to have a Deputy president who can quote Bible verses. In a video shared online by Nation Africa media group, Bishop Wanjiru expressed his undying support for Ruto and went on to wish him well in his 2022 presidential aspirations.

"We are really blessed as a Nation to have a Deputy president who can quote the Bible,' Bishop Wanjiru told a church congregation.

Netizens had mixed opinions with what Bishop Wanjiru Said regarding Dr William Ruto. Below is a sample of their reactions.

Link to video.


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