"The Hustle Must Include Sundays" -The Cute Abiola Says As He Poses In New Pictures

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Ever heard of The Cute Abiola? He is a known Nigerian Comedian, and a social media influencer. The Cute Abiola has uploaded a post with the caption 'If you're still broke... The hustle must include Sundays'.

See screenshot of the post he uploaded below 👇

See Fans Reactions to his post below 👇

Olorunyomi wrote: "the fact that you hustle the whole week doesn't make you rich, but Hustle smart".

Prosperous wrote: "everyone got his/her way in making money, if it requires you to work on Sunday then work".

Danika wrote: "why you come resemble IBA Gani Adams like this?

Sholebo wrote: "don't tell us to work harder, show us those that helped you".

Oganla wrote: "Hmm, hustling without helper is nothing boss, I'm also a comedian".

Vicky wrote: "GOD said remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy".

Solomon wrote: "GOD bless you for your quote, I swear even at night nothing should make you sleep, kill poverty first".

See the pictures he uploaded below 👇What do you think about his post about hustling on Sundays? Post your opinions in the comment section.

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