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The much anticipated return of Big Brother Mzansi has been officially confirmed by the Multichoice Group and Benijay. Just a couple of weeks ago, viewers across Africa were watching Nigeria's edition of the show. According to their official statement they have promised that it is set to be as exciting and entertaining as ever.


This year marks the 20th year since the first ever Big Brother in South Africa. We have attached the full statement below. No information about audition dates and applications has been included. Make sure that you follow us for an update.

Image: Statement

What is big brother all about?

Big brother showcases the daily Iives of participants (also known as housemates), staying in a fixed location for a certain period of time. There are cameras and microphones that are fitted around the house to record their movements in real-time. Each and every week, someone will be voted to exit the house based on varying reasons. In the end of it all, there's supposed to be one winner that will walk away with some cash.

Drama and romance is the name of the game. Secrets starts emerging and end up breaking bonds that can never be fixed. People fall in and out of love due to the pressure they have to face in eliminations. It's definitely one of the most entertaining shows ever created in the history of television. The icing on top is the grand price and exposure that people get from being part of the show. I would really recommend that you also submit your application, who knows - you might be lucky.

What are you looking forward to the most? Let's keep the conversation going on the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you. For updates on this story and more, make sure you follow us and never miss out. 

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