Atleast 60 killed in Haiti gas tanker explosion.

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A fuel tank explosion in Haiti's Northern port city of Cap- haitien has killed atleast sixty people. The incident took place on Monday night. The fuel tanker exploded after it got into a traffic accident trying to avoid colliding with a motorcyclist. Haitian prime minister has declared three days of mourning in the country following the tragedy.

The prime minister added that field hospitals will be opened to help those that are injured. Reports say that the victims were burned alive and it is impossible to identify them. The tanker is believed to have flipped over after the driver lost control while swerving to avoid a motorcycle taxi. Fuel spilled onto the road and pedestrians rushed to collect the tankers gas which is in short supply in Haiti.

Reports say that around 20 houses in the area were all set a blaze by the explosion and no details were yet available on possible victim numbers inside the houses. It is said that the nearby Justinien University Hospital was overwhelmed with patients as the injured casualties were taken to the facility.

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