2022 succession Math


Politicians will always focus on what is best for their own interests. This means that nothing can be written off. President Uhuru Kenyatta is a politician who will do whatever is best for him. Politics, once again, is a dynamic game. Things never stay the same. They are constantly evolving and changing. 

New concepts emerge and define new ways of thinking. Decisions are thus made based on what is going on and the politicians' interests.

Uhuru will have to consider how urgently he needs to choose his successor in 2022. The extent to which he needs to do that will determine how far he will go or the sacrifice he will make. Deputy President William Ruto has already been sacrificed by Uhuru. 

Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM, could also be sacrificed. He will however, always do so after careful consideration. Would he be willing to sacrifice Raila now that he's sacrificed Ruto? To do so, Uhuru would need to know if he is willing to deal with the possibility of the two collaborating to attack him. 

He must perform proper calculations and cannot make a rush decision. Uhuru is a seasoned politician who is very clever and brilliant on how to go about things.

Uhuru understands that by deciding not to work with Ruto, he has already burned those bridges.Is he serious about doing the same to Raila? Consider this scenario: Uhuru is inside the house, and Ruto is outside; can he really kick Raila out? 

Will he really want them to go outside?With Raila and Ruto outside, the President will not have peace in that house. People who believe Uhuru will betray Raila in the same way he betrayed Ruto are unrealistic. Remember how Raila used to fight Uhuru and Ruto and give them nightmares. If Raila is expelled, he may decide to join Ruto. Can Uhuru win elections alongside Musalia Mudavadi and Gideon Moi? 

It's a tricky scenario that he has to think wisely and face it with alot of confidence.

Politics needs courage and great tactics to succeed.

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