Check out this beautiful underground houses made by brave men without blocks

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Underground houses as the name goes are houses built under the ground. A very large hole is dug, not just a hole but a huge opening is made under the ground to remove the clay, soil or/and sand to allow the house to be built.

A group of brave men have built a underground house without using blocks but just clay, sand and some cements, water was added as usual. These brave men we are talking about managed to make the openings all by themselves using simple equipments and no machines.

Take a look at the beautiful underground houses:

Actually, the first two pictures you are seeing above constitutes of the same house but different blocks and the last picture is that of another underground house.

That is not actually the end of the decorations and building for the first two underground houses, it will still be furthered. The chairs and beds you are seeing aren't made of woods or cushions but of clay and sand.

The last picture was made by sand, clay and cement and decorated as seen. That I'd not also the end, further decorations would be made.

What are your thoughts and say in this?

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