OPINION: Why ESN Should Fear Nigerian Army Commandos


Note: Everything that is written within this article is none other than my own personal opinion; but you are free to criticize me if you ever felt the need to do so.

Anyone whom is conversant with the way things are done in the military world can bear witness to the fact, that in every military or (in some cases) paramilitary organisations, there are are usually a designated, well-trained sect of individuals whom are specially trained more than the rest of your average everyday soldiers, and such individuals are usually labelled as Commandos or Special Forces.

Its quite obvious that ESN's (Eastern Security Network) activities does not go well with this current government, and so far so good, there have been series of gunfights here and there between Federal troops and ESN operatives.

But one thing that ESN should not pray is for the Nigerian Army to unleash the Commandos (ie if they haven't unleashed them in the first place).

Having to face a Commando and being able to put down a single commando or special forces, is usually a hard nut to crack, as these guys have gone through extreme measures during their time in training.

I do not know what tomorrow might have in store for each and everyone of us, but whatever be the case, I pray that we all would be alive to see what has in store.

Do you think the NIGERIAN Army would release the Commandos on ESN? What do you think about this article, I'd like to see your comments in the comments section let's discuss more about it.

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