Bobi Wine Gives Good News To Families Who Went Missing and Were Arrested


National Union Platform (NUP) under the leadership of Bobbi Wine has finally brought good news to Ugandan citizen families who were arrested and went missing under the Museveni's regime.

Several families complain over the arrest and loss of the loved ones behind unexplainable circumstances. From the narration of the family members, people were being arrested even without doing a mistake taken to the jail and harassed by being beaten.

Today Bobbi Wine has organised an event that will see families of those affects by arrest and disappearance of family members being given Easter packages and they will also be prayed for as Easter holidays pave way.

The Nation Union Platform leader have always believed that he will put to and end the sufferings that Ugandan citizens under Museveni's regime that is somehow dictatorial form of leadership because he does not want to loose power whenever elections are to be held.