Throwback: In 2019, After Losing In a Tournament, Nigerian Team Stayed Behind To Support Egypt

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Nigeria is indeed the giant of Africa. This fact can't be denied because Nigeria is known for many outstanding qualities. Nigerians are known everywhere for their love towards other people who are not Nigerians, especially the people who share the same continent (Africa) with them.

In 2019, the Nigerian handball team exhibited love towards the Egypt handball team and the Nigerian team was praised for doing that.

[Photo: Nigerians supporting Egyptians]

During the 2019 U-19 Handball championship, the Nigerian team lost in the quarter-final of the tournament, instead of leaving, they stayed behind to support the Egyptians and Egypt became the first African team to win the tournament.

Photo: Final result of the match (Egypt 32- Germany 28).

After the tournament, the Egyptian Handball Federation recognized Nigeria's support and thanked Nigeria for its love and support.

[Photo: Letter from the Egyptian Handball Federation]

In my opinion, the Nigerian handball team tried their best to win in the tournament, but since they could not reach the final stage, they made sure that the cup was brought to Africa by another Africa team.

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