Unique roles of a nurse in the health care system that you may not have known before.


Nurse is a person who is trained to take care of the sick people. Therefore, the increased number of the role of nurses such as evaluating and attending to patients has caused the rate of complications to increase in the working areas.

Hence it has prompted the health care sector to create an important and filching policy.

Nurses have played many important roles in the health care system which has made nursing as a career to gain more trust from the public and be recognized as the most ethical, and unpretentious profession. Therefore, nurses play the following role in healthcare system:

One of the main roles played by nurses in healthcare systems is to administer medication and treatment to patients.

They also monitor patient health and record signs, educate patient on the management of illness, record medical history and symptoms of patients, nurses also advocate for the health and well-being of the patients.

Nurses also have to receive and administer labelled drugs in agreement with the right of patient. Lastly, they are also required to know the mechanism of action of the drugs.

So, the roles of nurses in healthcare system requires the presence of nurses for its effectiveness otherwise, roles alone with no nurses’ present are nonfunctional.

In day today life human being live to make errors, as well nurses also make errors in their line of duty.

Nurse workaround have been studied principally in relation to technology which include barcode administration [BCMA] features, computer providers order entry [CPOE], smart pumps for intravenous infusion, equipment, test ordering, and pharmacy dispensing. 

workaround have also been examined as a response to:

operational failures, time pressures, and perceived workflow restraints. Bearing in mind medication as a workaround, the administration of medication is frequently disposed to errors during the nurse’s daily healthcare provisions (Latimer et al., 2017).

Nurses at some point may administer drugs to wrong patients and as a result, these errors can cause harm to the patients.

According to the Institute of Medicine, medication errors accounted “for one out of every 131 outpatient deaths, and 1 out of 854 inpatient deaths” (Latimer et al., 2017).

Medication errors have affected the performance of nurses and effectiveness for long and the problem needs to be exterminated.

Therefore, in spite of this extra change, nurses are responsible for this technology effectiveness.

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