Women, Never Allow Any Man Who Is Not Your Husband Take Advantage Of These 6 Parts Of Your Body

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Some guys have the habit of taking advantage of females, like touching them is some sensitive part of the body they are not made to touch. Even if she's your friend or someone close to you, you are not allowed to touch some part of the body of a woman unless she's your wife, girlfriend, or she gave you the access to do so. 

As a woman, never joke with anybody who physically abuse you or touches some private part of your bodies they aren't supposed to. There are other ways to get a woman's attention, not touching her any way you like. 

Some of these habits make some women get angry, and such bad habits usually take place in markets, roads, clubs, schools from my little experience. 

Women, Here Are 6 Parts Of Your Body You Should Never Allow Any Man To Take Advantage Of, Unless His Your Husband Or Boyfriend. 

1. Butts. 

As a woman, never let any man who is not your husband or boyfriend touch your butts because it is not the right thing to do. He has other ways to address you. Not touching your butts in public. It looks embarrassing. Never give someone that permission or freedom to treat you such a way if the person is not your husband. 

Try to stop any man who tries that with you, if possible report the person to the police station if he doesn't feel sorry and acts as if it is his right. 

2. The Legs

When it comes to women, the legs are one of the most seductive parts of a woman's body. So never give any man the permission to touch your legs as he feels is totally wrong because such a thing is a seductive act, and it is not good for someone who you don't have a deep conversation with to start touching and rubbing your legs unless it is your husband or boyfriend. 

So if any man tries this with you, stop them and warn them never to do such a thing again with you. 

3. Your Waist

It is not a good thing for a man to touch a woman’s waist if you don't share any physical connection with her. 

Allowing a man to hold your waist or a total stranger to do so makes you feel cheap, mostly if it is done in the public where other eyes are looking at you. Never give a random guy that freedom to access you in such a way. 

4. Your cheeks

Only a man who loves you or is in a relationship with you should have the access to caress the cheeks. That why guys like touching the cheeks of the woman they love and cherish. It is a love signal, and only people close to you are allowed to touch you in such a way, such as your husband or boyfriend. 

So never allow any random guy to just caress your cheeks without your permission. 

5. Your Neck

One of the important parts of the human body. Touching the neck romantically can make any woman drive crazy or be in the mood, mostly if it is touched by the man they love. 

It is one of the parts of the body that men love to kiss, mostly when doing things couples do in the other rooms. 

So never allow any random guy to take advantage of that area because it is not made to touch anyhow or play with because tickling of the neck can make a woman do things they are not supposed to do or make bad decision-making. 

So as a woman, you should set a boundary when it comes to men who are not in a relationship with you. Such a part of the body is not made to be toyed with. 

6. Breasts And Cleavage

Never allow a random guy to touch such a private place when it comes to your body. I have seen many women being abused by strangers, mostly in the market touching their breasts, which doesn't look good. There are some guys who have such habits of touching a woman you just meet or see on the street without any physical connection or without even knowing the woman. Such things are not right, and it is abusive and can be punished by the law.

 So if you are a man that normally touches a woman anyhow without minding, it is best you stop this habit before you put yourself in trouble one day. 

To the women out there, learn to dress well, so people will respect you. Exposing your bodies will only put you into temptation and more troubles. Dress properly, so you can be respected by people and not to be touched anyhow. 

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