Top ANC Official In Hot Water After Saying This To School Children During Speech

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“Open books and close your legs”, This has caused a huge stir on social media after it was discovered that the video was making rounds, the video was of a recording of Dr Ramathuba who was basically addressing school at an assembly about prevention.

Limpopo MEC was ordered to apologize after her inappropriate speech this week while addressing school learners in Mokopane at Gwenane Secondary School, Wherever she goes advising female school learners to “close their legs and open their books”.

This has been since seen as a bit of a controversial topic and it’s something that she has done that is considered inappropriate, now members of the public want accountability for her to at least apologize for her remarks so that we can move on from this and for this experience to form as an example for those who might have made the same mistake in the future.

Phophi Ramathuba was addressing learners about the importance of school and studies over relations, this is due to the fact that there is a high number of pregnant women that are discovered in the country and it has become a huge concern to such an extent where they deciding to intervene by bringing about campaigns into schools to advise these young ladies to prevent and focus on their futures.

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