Check Out these 5 things that lead to tears in a relationship/marriage.


In this 21st century, it's now looking like there is no more love anywhere, there are so many broken families and relationships than before, making it look like true love is already leaving this world slowly.

These are the things we do these days that are making true love becoming impossible;

1. Deceit: The Bible, even says "true love is not based on words or hypocritical deeds, but on truthful actions, it doesn't only believe or hope but it does an action that makes the things it believes or hopes a reality. "Dear children, let us no not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth".Truth to be told, today we've got so many sugar-coated young men that when speaking like this, oh my God, you will feel as if "You are in Heaven on Earth". Their mouth is too sweet but deep inside their mind, they want something else that contradicts what they are spitting out now, which will later lead to a broken relationship/marriage.

2. Intolerance: My formula for true love is " no tolerance no love". Seriously, how will love exist between two people if none is ready to endure? You need to be able to endure at least a few things, don't ever seek or go into a relationship/marriage with the intolerance mindset.

3. Familiarity: This is a silent relationships/marriage killer, I referred it to as a silent killer because it's a gradual thing, the more you get to know each the more the familiarity set in, and in the process, you might be neglecting some things that should not be neglected, callings sweet names like honey, sweetie, baby and so on... But Instead, you will be using their names, the communication might reduce which will eventually lead to loss of interest in that partner and later end in tears.

4. Monetary terms: Seriously, money is important but it shouldn't be the main reason for being together, if it trusts me such a partnership/relationship might later end with tears.

5. Insubmissive: you need to be submissive to have a healthy relationship/Marriage, these days some people find it difficult to submit themselves for their partners, yes you are one, yes you might be having equal right, but he is still your spouse/boyfriend, men love submissive women, women who respect their husband/boyfriend decision.

Avoid these in your relationship and I promise you a healthy relationship, likes, and follow If you find these articles useful.