Man Rejoices After Reuniting With His Cat That Vanished 15 years Ago


The incidence happened in Los Angeles where a man named as Charles was reunited with his cat known as Brandy that had disappeared in 2005 after adopting her as a 2 month old kitten .

The cat had disappeared one afternoon when she had gone out to the backyard but when it got dark Charles couldn't find her. He lost hope after searching for her everywhere without success. He then decided to relocated to another place and adopted 2 other young cats who are still living with him till today.

Ever since that day, he never heard any news about the cat. He thought maybe she was involved in an accident and maybe somebody had adopted her and never bothered to check the microchip that was implanted on her body.

However the cat was found in Palmdale about 65 km from where Charles lived in the San Fernando valley, after the company that had made a microchip implanted in Brandy contacted him using the cellphone that he had registered on the microchip. He also got a call from Los Angeles county animal shelter informing about the cat.

Charles was very happy after reuniting with his favourite cat, but he couldn't keep her in his one bedroom apartment with the other 2 cats. He therefore took her to his nearby sister where he goes to visit her more often.