(Video) Dodoma Residents Bid Farewell To Magufuli In Style By Lying Their Clothes On The Road


There's was sadness as the body of the president of the republic of Tanzania, honorable John Pombe Magufuli was leaving Dodoma for another town after a body viewing ceremony where president Magufuli's body had been taken to Uhuru Stadium for residents to have their last glance at the president.

Photo:courtesy (Screenshot from the Video)

However, while the body of the president was leaving Dodoma town, residents of Dodoma showered the president's convoy with songs of praise to the extent where some of them had to place their clothes on the road for the president's convoy to pass on.

This was after a long day of body viewing ceremony where residents of Dodoma thronged the Uhuru Stadium in order to atleast see their president for the very last time before he is taken to another town for the same.

Photo:courtesy (Screenshot from the Video)

This incident has sparked alot of mixed reactions from Tanzanians who seemed to different opinions and suggestions on the matter. With a section of Tanzanians claiming that this was too much, others went ahead and congratulated them for acknowledging their pain after loosing the president.

Julia Hassan - Whether or not you were a good person you still was our president and so due to this reason, may you rest in peace sir after all no one knows what you actually went through as a president.

Nuuur Abdi - Now this is the befitting send off for a president, sent home like a real king who spoke his mind regardless of the consequences.

Faith Luluma - Goodbye mister president, we will always miss you even though deep down i know that the government is not telling us something.

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