Pedicure Needs Courage. See How Rue's Friend Behaved During Her First Pedicure Trial.

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Pedicure is one of the upcoming businesses in beauty industry whereby it is cosmetic treatment of the feet and toe nails. During a pedicure session your nails will be groomed, cuticle of the nails removed, your feet will be scrubbed to remove dead skin. All these are services to be paid for.

However some people have never seen the essence of going for a pedicure. Rue revealed that she decided to treat on of her friends and she took her to a Spa to get her toe nails and feet scrubbed. However Rue's friend kept jumping up and down as her feet were being scrubbed. She really felt tingled. Everyone at the Spa Kept laughing at Rue's friend.

Rue tried to calm her friend down and told her to sit still so that the beauty therapist would continue with her work. Rue took the video and has posted it on her Instagram page. See screenshot of the video below.

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