Couple wear track suits at their wedding

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Say yes to the sweats. Two twenty year olds wore his and hers nike tracksuits at their reception. "We just wanted to be comfortable", the bride told Inside edition.

The groom's sweat suit was all black with a hoody. The bride's was white with a white crop top. After posting the pictures online they were met with negative reception. One user said:

Please don't make this a thing.

"We were worried that our older guests would not understand our decision. But people of all ages thought that it was fun", ( The bride tells Inside edition).

The couple did stick to tradition at their ceremony choosing to wear a white dress and a suit. Their couple's first dance also looked straight out of a bridal magazine.

Once the reception got into full gear, the couple changed their suit and white dress for the now famous tracksuits.

Perhaps this will now be a thing.

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