Keagan Dolly Lifts the Players Mood Up by Doing This

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A lot of teams have started their pre-season training. Chiefs have also followed suit. 

They have signed a lot of interesting players. The lock down restriction have been relaxed this can only mean one thing. It is likely to get be packed during the Carling black cup in August.


The best thing a club can do is to make the new guys feel comfortable and feel at home for the next season. You need good leaders to this. People like Keagan Dolly.

The are a number of things a team can do to lift the mood in the camp. Keagan Dolly has just demonstrated other ways of making people feel comfortable in a new place.

It was fun on the dressing room because of him. 

He was seen dancing to a Zcc song and jumping around. 


it was hilarious and fun. the way he did it. He was wearing an oversize jacket.

He kept everyone entertained. The dressing room was not intense like some ex-players claimed before. When they were division in the camp. this can do wonders to motivate the players for a big task ahead of them for next season.  

He was also seen wearing an oversize pants and acting around. This will make him more approachable to young player if they need someone to talk to if they have a problem. They won't be afraid.


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