Lesson to learn after the man who did a horrible crime was caught despite dressing as a woman


A common and popular saying as always been in the ears of every one that no matter the dress done, either good or bad, it will surely come back, and there would be a repercussion. This saying is no doubt true, despite the fact that many may not agree, but however, it is again quite evident after a man who did a horrible crime was caught, and would be made to pay for what he did, despite how he tried to evade arrest by dressing as a woman.

According to a Libyan report on facebook, it was gathered that a Nigerian in Libya had done a horrible crime of killing someone, and then proceeding to steal the money of his victim, and was about making way back to Nigeria, when he was apprehended by security operatives in Msallatta town. According to the social media post, the Nigerian man who was still arrested, despite being dressed like a woman, donning a wig on his head, and painting his face has indeed sent a strong message to anyone trying to indulge oneself in a horrible crime. This however shows that nothing matter how one tries to hide an act, no matter the deceptive means, all deeds done Myst surely, and eventually have a price to pay.

This should also move to caution people both in their countries and away that no means can ensure a deed isn't paid or reaped, as it is best we try to live the best of which life has to offer, to do what his good, and always obey the law, as no horrible crime will be left unattended, no matter the disguise, both in appearance or otherwise. What a surprising act done by the man who had tried to dress like a woman, all to evade an arrest, after it was said he had committed such an act. Let's all stay safe, and try to do what is good, so we will always have to live with freedom.

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