Massive Reactions from Ghanaians as Ambulance get stuck in mud with sick patient. Watch video

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There are several tags in the country on to our government which include 'fix the country' and 'the system is not working. Each and everyday, people do complain a lot about the bad nature of their roads. In a video which is making waves on the internet about a stuck National Ambulance Truck in a mud which is carrying a sick patient.

This happened in the evening, making the situation worse and critical. This happened in Bia West. However, Ghanaians have shown several interests in this and have brought out their reactions and comments to this bad incidents. According to reports, the patient was struggling to survive.

Below are some of the massive resections from Ghanaians.

Ghanaians have really gone wild on the government over the poor nature of roads in the country. Some are saying, it is not the work of only this government to fix the country but also all citizens.

However, this is not the first time bad roads has caused this canker. Bad roads cause accidents, bad roads destroy cars which increase the cost of maintenance.

Below is a video of how the incident happened. Video was created by Adom TV.

Watch video here.

It is sad as a country to continue living in this state despite paying huge sums of money as tax.

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