Soweto man finally revealed reasons Why He Chopped off Her Body Parts And Put them in the Fridge.

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South Africans were startled at the horrific incident in Protea Glen, Soweto. Human body parts were purportedly discovered inside a refrigerator by a woman visiting her lover. 

To everyone's surprise, the body parts have now been identified as those of Tshepang Pitse, who was married to the accused, Flavio Hlabangwane. 

Tshepang Pitse was allegedly murdered, with her body parts chopped up and stored in the refrigerator. 

He admitted to the inhabitants, according to accounts, that he wanted to use her body parts for money rituals. He claimed that a local herbalist advised him to bring a person's body part, particularly the head, to sell for money, thus he had little choice but to cut off his wife's body parts. 

He said he had no idea it could be discovered, and he asked for forgiveness and promised never to do it again if given another chance. 

After knowing the reality about the catastrophe, people are in disbelief. 

The accused allegedly attempted suicide when the police arrived at his home. Residents believe the suspect wanted to kill himself, so no one knows what happened or who owns the body parts. 

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