National Census Officer Bath With Mud As He Falls On A Motorbike. (Video)


In terms of development, rural communities have been overlooked. This is one of the primary reasons why the youth of these impoverished communities are flocking to urban areas to enjoy life and seek greener pastures. Despite all of the terrible roads and concerns from these areas, prior and current governments have paid little or no attention to them, but every four years, ballot boxes find their way to these locations nevertheless. Many towns have sworn to never vote again if their terrible roads are not fixed over the years.

Many of the personnel assigned to initially count households, particularly those working in villages, are currently experiencing difficulties as a result of the current national census, which began and will last for 30 days. A video shows one of the employees, who was riding his motorcycle to work, becoming covered in mud because the route leading to the neighboring village was terrible and muddy. The motor slipped, causing him to fall flat into the muck and completely immerse himself in it.

If we continue to face this year after year in this country as a nation, the rest of the world will entirely abandon us while we crawl along in development. Since the census began, a slew of frightening images of officials have appeared online, and it is not something the country should be proud of.

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