How Mohamed Salah Changed The World's View On Islam

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Despite of Mohamed Salah bagging goals week in week out, the Egyptian superstar has left many people puzzled due to his humble being.

The Pharaoh's captain likes peace keeping and you will never find him being angry or quarreling with any player. He just wears his evergreen smile.

Mohamed Salah is among the top influential Muslim figures in the world right now. His scoring ability has won so many hearts. According to report released by one news outlet in England, since Liverpool signed Mo Salah, crime rates in Merseyside have really dropped.

Back in Egypt, Mohamed Salah is loved and adored by many. They reckon him as their greatest ever professional footballer ever seen coming from their soil. They even voted for him during their presidential elections! Mo Salah became second during the election despite of his name not being on the ballot. Egyptians wrote his name and canceled all other aspirants. So, you can refer to him as President Mohamed Salah.

Sometimes back, people thought that Islam is all about terrorism but Salah has proved them wrong. The kind-hearted footballer indeed, has changed the world's belief on Islam!

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