Any Lady Who Is Not Married Is 'Useless': Cheating Is Part Of Marriage-Counselor Lutterodt States


Relationship and marriage can be poisoned and destroyed when the two people involved do not understand that mutual respect and healthy communication are twins for its survival. So never never accept to marry anyone you cannot respect his or her opinion, inputs and person or who cannot respect yours too. Marriage is honorable, but what keeps it honorable is balance between God's leading and godly wisdom in determining what will give you peace.

With the recent increase in divorce rate, counselor Lutterodt has added his voice and proffered some solutions to couples and potential individuals who wants to get married. Speaking by phone on Angel FM this morning, the renowned preacher man asserted that a man is the design of God and a woman, a desire of man. A man is created for marriage and any woman who doesn't get married is useless.

He continued by saying that nobody was created not to marry or not to give birth. Continuation of creation was handed over to woman. Marriage will never come to an end. What the law put together, God can put asunder. Paul married and ran away after converting to Christianity. You are useless if you are not married.

The counselor opined that there is no bad marriage and men were created to marry women. No man was created to marry a single lady. Anyone who marries one will suffer and the polygamous lives longer and prospers more.

He concluded by saying that Cheating and divorce are two main essentials of marriage that everyone must learn. It is allowed to cheat and divorce.

You can watch the full video here.