Evangelist's wife murdered at Jinijini, Bono Region


Evangelist's wife murdered at Jinijini, Bono Region 

Mercy Clemens, the to-be wife of Yusif Clemens known as Evangelist Yusif Abraham Clemens has been murdered by an unknown person. Mercy who brought Yusif to Jinijini had hopes of establishing a family with him, but all her plans have been damaged with death as her body is been taken away to the mortuary. Mercy in 2017 July was in Damongo for a program. She had arrived for the program and didn't know where to go. She hired a tricycle to help her get to her hotel room, and the driver of the tricycle who was Yusif at the time took Mercy to the hotel and came back to continue his duties. It was late and Mercy forgot to pick her handbag when she was taking her luggage from the tricycle.

Yusif went back to hand her the luggage and found out she was under attack by robbers. Yusif knew the robbers and spoke his dialect to them, and they all disappeared. Mercy had her doubts but she knew if it wasn't for Yusif, she wouldn't have known what would have happened to her. Yusif found out Mercy was there to join the Evangelicals who were having a crusade at Damongo and drove her there for her registration using the tricycle. Yusif and Mercy begun a bond from that day and through that, Yusif joined the service. Through hard works, Yusif was able to pass through all the process of becoming an Evangelist and was given the title in February 2021. Yusif who received his teachings and everything through Mercy was supposed to show his gratitude to the woman by marrying her. Mercy went over to Yusif's place, last week Saturday, and there was another woman in that house cleaning and taking care of the house. Yusif was given the place through Mercy's pocket and it was that pocket that brought him from Damongo to Jinijini. His feeding, living and everything were all on Mercy because of the marriage assurance Yusif had given. Yusif ad Mercy had already gone to see both parents which blessings were given to them, but her fears raise when she saw the other woman in Yusif's house, a house she paid for.

Mercy raised eggs that if Yusif doesn't marry her, then the gods of Jinijini should bless him with suffering. That was on the 28 of April 2021. Mercy nobody knew what happened to him today, her doors were wide open while no one was coming in or going out. Abena who came to sweep the compound around five in the morning thought Mercy had woke up and that might have been the reason why her doors were wide open, she never knew she had been murdered. Mercy had wronged no one and it was surprising someone had targeted her to take her life. Jinijini police officials had taken the body to the mortuary whiles the death becomes a mystery to the people.

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