Kasoa Police Confirms That The 340 Suspected Criminals Were Behind The Attacks In Millenium City


There has been another police raid in the city of Kasoa as a form of exercise to curb the rise of crime in the area

In a recent report by UTV Ghana news, the Kasoa divisional police revealed that 340 persons believed to be heavily involved in all sorts of crimes in Kasoa have been arrested with the necessary procedures being done to grant them separate punishments

The report said among the 340 suspects, 5 of of the them were females with the rest of the them being males.They were also caught with arms, 245 laptops, mobile phones and narcotic drugs

The report also said the police were given the hint in the early hours of today hence moved swiftly to their location at Millennium city.The report finally revealed that a greater number of them were Nigerians hence screenings were ongoing to deport them back to Nigeria or jail them in the country

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